Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gyros, Snow Angel & Patty Cake

I know, I know...what has Renner been up to? Well, we are in Georgia right now and I left the cord to download pics from our camera so...check back soon for pics. The updated picture from the carousel was taken with Mike's cell phone, so that's why you see that one on here.
So now, here's what Renner has been up to in the past couple of months.
First, Renner has celebrated his first Thanksgiving & Christmas.
For Thanksgiving he had lunch at his Gran & Pa's house in Hardin. He had a blast playing with all of his cousins and falling asleep on his cousin Stephanie's shoulder. That evening we went to his Mimi's house for dinner. He had a lot of fun there with his Mimi, aunts, uncles & cousin Jayden.
Then after Thanksgiving he was busy getting ready for Christmas. He has since learned how to say "My Momma" "Dada" "hu for hush" and "bye". The "hu" is the only word we know for sure that he knows what he's saying. He's also started to wave bye, bye now. The first command that he has responded to has been "pattycake". His Gran taught him that one. Everytime we say "pattycake" he starts clapping his hands. Since we've been in Georgia he's learned 2 more things. First he's learned to tilt his sippy cup & bottle up in order to get out the liquid. The other thing is that he is now dancing to music. We went to his cousin Audrey & Emma's house tonight and he was dancing to the Tigger toy that made music. He also loves Rudolph. We are staying at his Nana & Pop's house and they have a Rudolph & Santa toy that sings and he loves listening to it.
Backtracking a bit, we took Renner to his first Christmas with my folks side of the family. He has definitely learned how to ham things up for everyone. He received all kinds of great toys & clothing for Christmas. My side of the family definitely took care of the John Deere presents. His Pa & Gran gave him a John Deere ATV that he LOVES! We have the most adorable pics of him playing on it.
A couple of weeks before Christmas we took Renner to the Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens in Galveston. It was so pretty, despite the nasty rain. He even was so brave & sat on Santa's lap giving us a really great photo.
On Christmas Eve we took Renner to his first Christmas Eve church service at AHS through the Fellowship of the Woodlands church. While we attended the service, Renner went to the nursery. When it was over, we went to pick him up and he was fast asleep in a stroller. I guess he was tuckered out from the excitement.
Christmas Day we opened presents at home and then went to Mimi's house for brunch & to spend time with Daddy's side of the family. Renner racked up on toys and had so much fun playing with Jayden. Then we went home & Renner's Gran & Pa came over to watch him so Mommy & Daddy could sleep before the big drive to Georgia. We left that evening around 9:45pm.
Renner did really well on the drive and slept most of the way. Since we've been here we've had a lot of fun with family and have run Renner ragged. He's not eaten well at all. We're thinking it's either because he's overstimulated when it's time to eat or he's outgrowing baby food. I'm going for the second idea because today at the mall I ate a gyro and gave him some of the meat and he loved it! Who wants nasty, mushy baby food when you can eat the real stuff.
Okay, last thing for this blog. Last night we took Renner to Stone Mountain for the Christmas Holiday celebration that they have going on. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They even have a woman called a Snow Angel that flies above the crowd & makes it snow on you. Well, Renner experienced that and even sat on her lap before her performance. It sure was cold last night, making it a perfect evening for a winter outing at Stone Mountain. Better run...Renner's fast asleep in bed and Momma better hit the hay too. Sweet dreams...