Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Houston Livestock Show

Our son definitely has country imbedded in his little body. He loves animals and everything mechanical. We are on spring break so we've had the opportunity to keep Renner quite busy. Monday we took him to his first Houston Livestock Show. It's been cold here in Texas so we bundled him up in a thermal top, overalls and an adorable wool hat that says "Lil Buckaroo" on it that Aunt Paige gave to him.
As soon as we arrived at the rodeo we made a b-line for the petting zoo. Renner went wild petting goats, deer, sheep and his favorite...a pot bellied pig. Then we walked around and grabbed some grub. Mommy had a cowboy burrito filled with grilled potatoes, steak, onions and cheese. YUMMY! Daddy had some etoufee and boudain. Renner was happy with his banana cookie and stars. He tried our food but it was a no-go. We did take him inside and get him some strawberry milk from the Borden's display.
After lunch we walked around the exhibits. He liked getting on the big John Deere tractor with Daddy. When our day was almost done we spotted a child with a stuffed toy snake, so we had to get one for Renner. That was the best $3 we ever spent. He loves his snake. We made one more trip by the petting zoo and then bought Renner some Dippin' Dots for a snack and then strolled back to the car. Our Lil' Buckaroo was exhausted. He fell asleep in his stroller and slept all the way home.