Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just A Swingin'

Well, our baby boy is finally over his illness. It took 8 long days to get over, but he's back in action now. We still don't have him around children for another week in case he's contagious but we are so glad that he's back to his old self. He's doing some new things these days. If you ask him if he's hungry, he'll head straight for his highchair. Ryder has a purple squeaky toy and Renner loves grabbing it and then having Ryder chase him. It's their little game they play. It's precious. He's very independent. He would much rather do things and figure things out on his own. He's also quite stubborn (hmmm...I wonder who he gets that from...sorry, Renner...that's Mommy's trait). We are trying to learn what type of discipline to use when we need it. We know it's a time of learning on both parts, but he just doesn't get it a lot of the time. He grabs wires from the tv and we tell him no and give a little spank and then remove him from the situation but he just keeps going back. It's so frustrating. Something else is that he doesn't like mushy food and meat. We try to give him a variety of food all the time but he does have his favorites...breakfast bars, apple, pancake, toast, etc. Recently we tried carrots, pork & rice, egg fritatta and bacon, but he wasn't too keen on those things. I guess we just keep offering until he tries things and ends up liking them.
This past weekend we put up his new swing in the front yard. He loved it! Then we pulled out his John Deere ATV into the front yard and let him play. His favorite thing had to be walking/crawling up and down our sidewalk. That's about it for now. Thank you so much for keeping Renner in your thoughts and prayers during his illness. Much love to you all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Okay...so what's with the big word right? Well, if you've heard from me or seen me in the past 5 days you know that Renner is really, really sick. He started vomiting Saturday evening. By Sunday night he had a fever of 102.3. So, we loaded him up and took him to an E.R. clinic not too far from our house. He was given an IV to help him rehydrate and he was diagnosed with Gastroenteritis. Mike took him to the E.R. once more Monday afternoon but didn't stay as Renner began to perk up a bit. Well, fast forward to tonight, Wednesday and he's still a sick little boy. Today Mike took him to a new pediatrician. (We loved our old pediatrician and nursing staff, but due to the fact that the receptionist kept double and triple booking people, it was taking us an hour to 1 1/2 hours each time we went there just to be seen so we decided to find a new doctor for Renner.) The new doctor told us everything looked good but that this could continue for a few days. I guess I should say that the vomiting only happens once a day, but now he has diarreah. He probably went through 10-20 diapers today!!! He has also lost 9 ozs. That may not sound like a lot but to a baby, it is. Needless to say, Mommy, Daddy & Gran are exhausted. We are ready for our very active little boy to feel better, stop pooping and play with his toys. He hasn't even had a chance to enjoy all of his birthday presents. Please keep him in your prayers and I'll post another blog when he starts feeling better.

Friday, February 6, 2009

And then there was "1"

Well, our baby boy has turned the big O-N-E! Can you believe it...one! It just seems like yesterday that we never thought we'd have a little one of our own, then we got the news that we were having a baby and then there he was in all his glory.
This little boy is quite a handful I tell ya. He is so unbelieveable. He is extremely independent and headstrong. Talk about being funny and having a way of making us laugh. I guess it's time I get a notebook together to write down all of the funny things that have been happening.
I guess I better write about his birthday party. It was awesome! Thank you so much to everyone that was able to make it out as well as those who sent birthday wishes. On Friday, Jan. 30th Renner's Nana & Pop from Georgia flew in for the big occasion. After a yummy lunch at Chuy's we, along with Daddy, went to Aunt Stephanie's hair salon where he received his first big boy haircut. Mommy got choked up, but held it together. I made sure to keep his beautiful locks that were cut off.
The next morning we were busy getting ready for the party. It was a Winnie the Pooh theme and way cute! After getting all of the decorations & food together it was time for the party to begin. Renner received all types of bath toys, pool toys, clothes, books, DVDS and $ for his car seat. We had about 40 people in attendance. We are overwhelmed by the amount of love that was shown by our friends and family. Along with our family from Georgia we also had friends come from as far away as Austin & Bossier City. Some of Renner's friends were able to make it as well. Thank you Jayden, Alex, Buzz, Colton, Delaney, Sadie & Alyssa for coming to Renner's party. He hopes you had fun! Okay, so the funny parts. Renner received this purple vibrating ball that rolls on the ground. He got scared and all of the little ones starting crying. Poor babies. Then I was thinking Renner would get so messy with his cake, but he didn't. He didn't know what to think about his cake. He ate a little bit of it but it pretty much looked the same as when he started eating it. Who knows...he may be like his Daddy and not like sweets that much.

A couple of weeks before Renner's birthday we took him to the duck pond in Summerwood. He had so much fun looking at and feeding the ducks. We hope to take him back soon. Ryder liked it too!

This weekend we are looking forward to Renner's 1st Birthday party out at his Gran & Pa's in Hardin with his Van Dorn/Rawlinson family! This boy is going to be partied out...but we know he's loving all of the love. Until next time...