Friday, May 23, 2008

Renner's Friend

Today Mike & I took Renner to visit his new buddy, Carter Kruk, that was born one week ago. It's kind of funny how less than 4 months ago Renner was about the same size as Carter and how he looked like Goliath next to him. Carter is so beautiful with his dark hair and beautiful features like his mommy Vikki. It makes me excited to know that Renner has a buddy that is his age to grow up with. I look forward to the friendships he will make throughout his life.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Accomplishment on Papa Dean's Birthday

Yipee! Our big boy rolled over from his front to his back this evening. Mike says to my Mom "Did you just see that?". Mike couldn't believe his eyes so he yells for me to come see and sure enough...Renner rolls over.

On another note, it was a beautiful evening so as Mike was cooking dinner I took Renner out back by the pool. I dangled my feet in the pool and then gently placed his feet down in the water. At first he barely touched his feet in the water, then he made a gentle splash with his right foot and then huge splashes spraying us with water. He & I had a great time!

Now he's in bed passed out from his very exciting day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Scary Times

We've had a first with Renner. He's decided that big crowds and baseball caps startle & scare him. On Sunday we took him to Lupe Tortillas for lunch and he was sitting on my lap enjoying the atmosphere. I gave him to Mike to hold and when Renner looked across the table at me in my baseball cap he gave a pouted lip and began to scream his head off. We don't know if he was scared of me in my baseball cap or of not being able to really see Mike and I. We packed up quickly and left.

Round 2 of scary times was on Wednesday. I took Renner to a retirement party for one of my fellow teachers at an outside pub. When we arrived about 4o people were there and they all yelled "Renner!". He pouted again and started to cry...I'm assuming because he was startled by the loud noise and all of the people. Poor baby. I held him close to my chest and just loved on him.

It's been so neat to see how he changes and learns new things constantly. He's grabbing at things more, still hates tummy time, giggles at me when I sing to him and gives me the biggest smile when he wakes up in the morning.

I love my son and am looking forward to my very first Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lounging by the pool

It seems that Renner may be like Mommy & Daddy and enjoy the outdoors. This afternoon I took Renner outside and placed him in his bouncy chair by the pool. The weather is just beautiful and there is a very nice breeze blowing. So, every time the breeze blows on him he giggles, smiles and coos. I just hope he enjoys the water, when it's warm enough, as much as he likes sitting out by the pool.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

3 months old

Our Renner Alan is now 3 months old and has reached the transition from newborn to infant. Renner now weighs 14 lbs 12 ozs and is 24 in long. He sleeps about 10 hours every night which makes Mommy & Daddy VERY happy!
Renner is a very happy baby. He smiles very often and is reaching every milestone easily. He is happiest when he has a full belly, plays on his playmat, bath time with Daddy and sees Mommy & Daddy's faces. His dislikes are tummy time, cold milk or formula and when he gets very sleepy.
Daddy & Mommy recently purchased Baby First TV that Renner watches a few minutes at a time. He loves it and is mesmerized by the bright and vibrant colors and movement of the objects on the tv.
The funniest moment we've had so far has been when Renner went 5 days with out a good poop! Renner was sitting on Daddy's lap and as Daddy was moving Renner's legs up and down, out came the poop right on Renner and Daddy. Mommy & Daddy laughed so hard and it took a lot of wet wipes to clean up that mess!