Monday, July 21, 2008

All I want for Christmas are my 2 bottom teeth...Now let's eat!

Well, so much has happened in the past week or so since I wrote last. Renner now has his 2 bottom teeth. The second one came in just 6 days after his first one. I haven't taken a picture yet because they are still just emerging and difficult to see with the camera. Renner has really started to take notice and explore the world. He loves our pets. As you'll see in this first picture he seems to have really taken a liking to Bonnie. Then there is always Ryder. I thought this next picture was so funny because it looks as if Ryder is on duty watching after Renner. Renner loves his jumper.

He has played so hard in it that I noticed he's starting to get little blisters on his toes from all the jumping. I guess I need to put socks on him when he plays in it.

We've also had a lot of fun with pool time. His Granny bought him a blow up pool float that he's really enjoying. Plus he loves to splash the water with his hands.

Renner's bathroom is decorated with monkeys and he now notices the monkeys on the shower curtain. He just stares at them and laughs. He's also really enjoying his tummy time now when he plays on his spinning playmat. He can move pretty well and spin quite quickly. I don't know how he doesn't make himself sick with how fast he moves! ha ha ha This past weekend Renner had his first overnight sleepover at his Granny & Pa's house out in Hardin. He enjoyed looking at the buzzards outside with Pa and then going to church on the church van Sunday morning.

Last but not least we put together the highchair this morning and fed Renner his first solids. Well, it was more soupy than solid. We bought the Gerber rice cereal and mixed it with formula. We fed him this morning and this evening and he ate it all up. Surprisingly it wasn't too messy and most of the cereal was eaten. I just knew it was going to be all over Mike, Renner & me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Renner's Laugh

Thank you to our good friend Dustin for helping us figure out how to post videos of Renner. Enjoy this recent video clip of Renner laughing!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Tooth

I just had to write to let everyone know that Renner cut his first tooth today! We were laying in bed this morning and he grabbed my finger and put it in his mouth. He started gnawing on it and I could feel his little sharp tooth emerging. It was so cute. It was like he was saying "Look Mommy! Feel my tooth!".

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

5 months old

So I'm a week and a few days late of getting Renner weighed and measured, but I did it today. I took Renner to the doctor and he weighed 17 pounds and 11 ounces and measured 26 inches in length. That's a 1 pound 11 ounce and 1/4 inch gain in a month. Not bad, not bad.

He's been pretty cranky every other day since we've been back from vacation. The teething is really bothering him a lot, so we've been giving him teething tablets and Tylenol. Tonight we are going to give him his first taste of banana in a mesh teether. That should be interesting.

We are working on his napping schedule. He's been taking pretty short naps throughout the day but he is sleeping well at night ~ 10 hours.
Renner is rolling over a lot and trying to crawl. He's also sleeping in his crib in his bedroom instead of the pack n' play in our bedroom. The only thing that makes us nervous is that he keeps rolling over to his tummy in the middle of the night. The doctor says that it's no big deal if he sleeps on his tummy once he can roll over both ways, but it still scares us. Another thing he's doing a lot is grabbing for things. I made Mike breakfast in bed and Renner grabbed the muffin and almost knocked it off the plate. Needless to say there were bits and pieces of muffin all over Renner and me. He also is able to hold his bottle by himself. I guess you can say he's becoming quite independent!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

And Life Goes On...

On Thursday, July 3rd, Renner's Great Grandmother Rawlinson passed away. We felt so fortunate and blessed that She was able to see him before her passing. Renner has truly been a blessing to our family and brought life back to our family since the passing of his Great Grandfather Rawlinson and Great Pop Romig in 2006, and now his Great Grandmother. We like to think that they are all looking down on Renner smiling. With each passing of life a new one has begun.

First Trip to Georgia

Wow! Where do I begin? Renner had a WONDERFUL time in Georgia. He was so well behaved and loved on very much.
We started out with our drive on June 22nd and stopped off at Jamie & Nicole's (Mike's cousin & her husband) house in Laurel, Mississippi. Renner played with his cousins Amelia, Evie & Gabe while we were there. We had a fun time with them. The next day we left and drove the rest of the way to Snellville. As you can see in the pic Renner was in love with his Pop and loved his shoulder. The weather was so cool and breezy and a lot less humid then here in TX. Renner seemed to really enjoy playing outside on the patio in the exersaucer. We took Renner to many places. He went shopping at the Carter's store and Mommy, Daddy & Nana couldn't help but buy him a few adorable outfits. The picture of the puppy dog sculpture was taken right outside of the Carter's store. Our favorite place in Georgia is Stone Mountain. We took 3 trips to the park while we were there. Our first trip to the park we took Renner on the train ride around the mountain where he fell asleep in his Daddy's arms. Daddy, Pop, Nana, Mommy & Renner all took a drive up to North Carolina so Daddy & Pop could go shoot some skeet and so Renner could also meet his N.C. family. On the way we took a rest break where Renner took the picture in the blue outfit on the blanket. The altitude made his ears pop a bit, but after a bit of fussing and crying he was a-ok. I'm sure he'll come to love the mountains as much as his Mommy & Daddy do. After we returned from N.C. J, Steph & Jayden drove in from Texas and we all had a great time greeting them. We took pictures of Jayden & Renner with Renner's first golf club and gave a few framed photos to Pop for his office. While we were all together we also took some beautiful family photos. All in all Renner made a great impression on his Georgia family and we made it through all in one piece as we traveled to and from Georgia. Thank you to all of our Georgia, Mississippi & North Carolina family for your hospitality!