Sunday, June 15, 2008

First Father's Day

What a fun Father's Day for Renner!
Renner & I went and bought Mike his favorite breakfast this morning ~ Taco Cabana and surprised him with breakfast in bed. Mike then had to go to work at the pool so Renner & I went out to Hardin where we surprised my Father at church. Renner loved church and had so much fun being passed around.
After church we went to lunch with Renner's Gran, Pa & Uncle E. As most of you may know already, many of us think Renner is my brother's Mini-Me. You judge for yourself by this pic!

I then took Renner to see a family friend named John & then to Gran & Pa's house. Pa took Renner to visit his great-grandparents while I went & visited my grandmother who is in Hospice care at her home.

The ride home wasn't very fun. Renner was getting frustrated with his car seat and really wanted to be home with his Daddy. So now we are home and ready to relax!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Family Vacation ~ South Padre Island

Well, we made it through our first family vacation...Hooray!
Mike, Renner & I left Humble Thursday, June 5th for our first long car trip to South Padre Island for Mike's athletic trainer conference. The car ride went very well until the last hour or so when Renner became very restless. The trip down was by far better than we expected.
We spent days resting in the hotel room by playing on the playmat, watching Baby Einstein on the laptop & napping with Mommy in bed.
Friday morning while Mike was at his conference I "tried" to take Renner down to the beach. That was an experience. After lotioning both of us up, putting our bag together, walking quite a ways to the beach access I had to turn around before we ever could reach the sand. The stairs down to the beach were so steep there was no way I could take Renner down by myself. So, both of us, hot & sweaty, turned around, went back to the room & took a nap. That afternoon, with Daddy in tow, we walked down to the hotel pool for a few minutes. Then went to dinner with Uncle J, Aunt Steph & cousin Jayden. Renner was so good at dinner and had so much fun with his aunt, uncle & cousin.

Saturday, Mike, Renner & I all made it down to the beach for about 30 minutes. It was so hot and just not kid friendly for a child of Renner's age. After the beach we walked to the pool for quite a bit. That was real nice because only a handful of people were in the pool while we were there. Renner really enjoyed the pool. That evening we met up with J, Steph & Jayden again for dinner.
Sunday, ha ha ha, that was another story. Not a fun ride home. 10 minutes into our drive Renner started getting fussy. Sure enough, what I thought had happened...did. Renner had a massive poopy diaper. Mike had to pull over on the side of the road for a diaper change. The diaper change ended up being an outfit change too. He had poop all up his back and out of the top of his diaper. We probably went through 10 wet-wipes on that change. All the way home he was fussy and didn't take a good nap until we hit Sugarland and he slept all the way home from there.
Needless to say, it was quite the experience, and a pretty good one for a baby his age!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4 Months Old

Well, our little man is now 4 months old. That is so hard to believe. Tonight Mike was cleaning out a diaper bag and found 2 newborn diapers & 2 newborn onesies and we just smiled at them and couldn't believe that Renner was that small 4 months ago.

We took Renner to his 4 month check up last week and he weighed 16 lbs & was 25 3/4 ins long. He's in the 80% percentile for his height & weight. If he keeps growing like this then there's no doubt he may look like his Uncle E. Renner is still mainly on breast milk with formula given only at bedtime. So, since he's doing so well and I enjoy nursing so much I plan to continue on for as long as I can.

Renner's toes are now touching the floor in his bouncer. He really enjoys it. He's rolling over from his tummy to back and is almost rolling from back to tummy. His upper body strength is getting better every day. Thanks so much to his Gran for working with him on his tummy time. He smiles, laughs and squeals all the time. He also raises his eyebrows at us and we definitely see that he'll do it to get the girls' attention when he gets older. He's such a flirt with his eyebrows. I've taken him out by our pool a few times and put his feet and legs in. He likes to kick his legs and make the water splash. My Mom, Gran as I call her, brought Renner to the picnic for my students at school and he was a huge hit. All of my students were loving him. Renner's pediatrician's son was one of my students this year and his mother just had a little girl about 2 months before Renner. Her name is Lourdes and she was at the picnic as well. Lourdes and Renner just stared at one another. It was so cute!

Renner is sleeping very well. He sleeps from 9pm-6:30am mostly. He definitely has a routine in place and it's been such a help to have him use to it at this early of an age.

Tomorrow Mike, Renner & I leave for South Padre Island. It's our first road trip & family vacation. We are excited, a little nervous & anxious to see how everything we're bringing will fit into our car as well as how Renner will handle being confined to his carseat. It'll definitely be a good test for our trip to Georgia at the end of the month.

I'll write about our vacation adventure when we return. Yeah for summer vacation!