Monday, December 14, 2009

Holidays 2009

Well, well, well our Renner bear is almost 2 years old! 2 years old!!! We can't believe it. And he is very close to being a big brother. As you can tell in the picture below, he's been having fun sitting in his old car seat.
Renner had a great time at Thanksgiving with family and has been busy getting ready for the Christmas holidays. He even decided it would be nice to decorate our Christmas tree with panty liners...go figure! ha ha ha
He's been speaking so much. He is saying many words these days. "Star" "Airplane" "Tuck & Ming Ming" (from the Wonder Pets) among many others. He has quite the personality and is so funny.
He is doing very well at day care but is going to be home with Mommy while she is on maternity leave with Rali. We'll have plenty of bonding time but will look forward to visitors as well.
From Renner to you...happy holidays!

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Catherine said...

Oh Jill I love your sons decorating ideas! Priceless...Thanks Renner for a good laugh before bed!!!